When most people think about visiting Las Vegas, they mainly focus on the Strip. However, if you stop and take a closer look, there are tons of things to do beyond the strip that make it a wonderful city to visit. The historic downtown area offers some of the most exciting things to do and see in all of Las Vegas.

Although there are numerous attractions in the Vegas area that are worth mentioning, such as Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead that are all nearby, there are plenty of others things that are frequently overlooked. So the next time you visit Las Vegas, take some time to explore the city’s historic elements, in addition to some of the hip, new part of the city that the flourishing tech crowd has embraced.

Downtown Container Park

This attraction offers a safe and clean playground for families, an expansive grass area for lying out in the sun all day, as well as many convenient shops and restaurants that are fun and interesting to explore. However, once the clocks strikes 9, the kid’s playground is transformed into an adult haven for business leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Excellent live music is offered, featuring some great local bands, and provides a great opportunity to network and socialize.


There are great things that happen at Zappos for business people. Also, loyal customers are provided with the opportunity to tour the headquarters of Zappos located in downtown Las Vegas. An insider’s perspective can be gain of the workspaces here, and you will have the chance to meet the employees and see its culture in action. You will have a better understanding of why Zappos provides one of the absolute best customer service experiences in the entire country.

Gold Spike

The Downtown Project completely gutted and then repurposed this old-time casino, as part of Las Vegas’ revitalization effort that was led by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Where numerous slot machines once stood, now there are games such as a life-sized Jenga, Operation and wall-sized Connect Four. People can use Dixie cups that are the size of trash cans to play beer pong before lounging on an outdoor couch to hear live music. During the day, you may see tables full of Zappos employees meeting over a PBR, however at night you most likely will see bachelorette parties. The locals of Las Vegas really love te bar since it offers great food and many distractions. However, tourists really love it due to the fact that there isn’t anything quite like it anywhere in the world.