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A Couple Ways To Save Money When You Travel To Las Vegas

The reason that many people travel to Las Vegas is to gamble. One of the reasons that you can get cheap hotel rooms is because of how much money people lose when they go. Gambling is a part of American life, if not life throughout the world, and when you have a central location where people visit, you will be able to get cheap hotel rooms. These are interconnected directly with the casinos, and so there are many ways that you can save money. Some of the more expensive hotels may not seem like you are saving very much, but there are several that have exceptional deals.

How Can You Book An Inexpensive Hotel Online In Vegas?

Getting a cheap hotel room in Las Vegas is actually quite easy. There are just a few that are extremely expensive. For example, if you decide to stay at the Bellagio, you are looking at about $150 a night. However, this is a very nice hotel with incredible amenities and shows that play throughout the week. If you want something more expensive, the cosmopolitan will cost you $300 a night, and this is right in the middle of the Las Vegas strip as well. Then there is the Palazzo at $230 a night and right at the top is Mandalay Bay at nearly $600 a night for a room. What is interesting is that these are sale prices, a cost that is offset because you are buying these on the Internet, but there are ways to get an even better discount.

How To Save More Money On Your Rooms

When you book your flight to Vegas, you are going to see an incredible thing occur. If you choose a package deal which will include your hotel, flight and your rental car, you will literally see the cost of your hotel be absorbed into the plane ticket. If you were to buy each one separately, the cost would be what you would normally pay. By choosing a package deal, you can literally save as much as half of the total cost of your stay simply because you are flying into Las Vegas.

Whether you choose to stay at Mandalay Bay for $600 a night, or Circus Circus for $30 a night, it is completely up to you. You will absolutely enjoy either place, plus you will have saved a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of the special offers made available on the web.

Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas Off The Strip

When most people think about visiting Las Vegas, they mainly focus on the Strip. However, if you stop and take a closer look, there are tons of things to do beyond the strip that make it a wonderful city to visit. The historic downtown area offers some of the most exciting things to do and see in all of Las Vegas.

Although there are numerous attractions in the Vegas area that are worth mentioning, such as Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead that are all nearby, there are plenty of others things that are frequently overlooked. So the next time you visit Las Vegas, take some time to explore the city’s historic elements, in addition to some of the hip, new part of the city that the flourishing tech crowd has embraced.

Downtown Container Park

This attraction offers a safe and clean playground for families, an expansive grass area for lying out in the sun all day, as well as many convenient shops and restaurants that are fun and interesting to explore. However, once the clocks strikes 9, the kid’s playground is transformed into an adult haven for business leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Excellent live music is offered, featuring some great local bands, and provides a great opportunity to network and socialize.


There are great things that happen at Zappos for business people. Also, loyal customers are provided with the opportunity to tour the headquarters of Zappos located in downtown Las Vegas. An insider’s perspective can be gain of the workspaces here, and you will have the chance to meet the employees and see its culture in action. You will have a better understanding of why Zappos provides one of the absolute best customer service experiences in the entire country.

Gold Spike

The Downtown Project completely gutted and then repurposed this old-time casino, as part of Las Vegas’ revitalization effort that was led by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Where numerous slot machines once stood, now there are games such as a life-sized Jenga, Operation and wall-sized Connect Four. People can use Dixie cups that are the size of trash cans to play beer pong before lounging on an outdoor couch to hear live music. During the day, you may see tables full of Zappos employees meeting over a PBR, however at night you most likely will see bachelorette parties. The locals of Las Vegas really love te bar since it offers great food and many distractions. However, tourists really love it due to the fact that there isn’t anything quite like it anywhere in the world.

Best Part About The Strip In Las Vegas

You are going to hear people throwing parties or heading over to Las Vegas all the time.

It is a universal reality that people talk about, and it is one you are going to have in mind as well. For those who are thinking about going to Las Vegas, you will need to put The Strip on your list of places to visit. The Strip is a magnificent part of Las Vegas and has won people over because of the value it has to offer.

Here are the reasons you are going to enjoy visiting The Strip.

1) Loads of Entertainment

Well, there is one thing that is a given about The Strip, and that is entertainment. You are going to find all kinds of entertainment on offer in this part of town, and that’s guaranteed. You could end up gambling at one of the many casinos, go clubbing in one of the many nightclubs, or even head over to a restaurant if that is what you want.

This is something people talk about all the time.

2) Alive Around The Clock

The Strip is magnificent because you can visit at any time of the day and see people from all walks of life mulling around. This is something people enjoy about a place such as this. It is incredible, and its beauty is something you are going to want to lap up.

3) Great Weather

The weather is good in this part of Las Vegas, and that is going to win you over too. You will not have to fret about how the weather is going to be or if you will have to deal with rain all the time. This matters a lot to those who are coming over for a few days and don’t want to get trapped indoors.

The Strip is one of those experiences you will want to have, and it is going to blow you away. Some people don’t think about this or might not go to Las Vegas with this in mind but you should. It is important to mull over these details and put it on your itinerary as soon as possible.

The Strip is an enjoyable part of Las Vegas and one you are going to lap up because of the joy it provides. It doesn’t get better than this in the long-term, and that is what matters.